Friday, May 28, 2010


A few days ago I got some pictures of the little ones playing in their pool. Stephen and Si like this little one better than our "big pool", as we call it.(It's 4 feet deep and 15 feet wide.) They really enjoyed themselves, although the whole time I was taking these pictures Silas kept coming up to me and saying "Wet! Wet!" while looking at his clothes :)

Silas kept putting his shoe in the water and then pouring the water out of it.

Their faces were hilarious when they went down the slide!!

This is Si telling me he was wet. ;)

( Hahaha!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bread Recipe

I thought I would share our family's bread recipe with ya'll! I'm making bread this afternoon!!

This recipe makes four loves.

Whole Wheat Bread
2 cups of buttermilk
3 TBS yeast
3 cups of warm water
1 1/3 cups of gluten
1cup of honey
1/2 cup of oil
2 TBS salt
4 TBS sugar
3 cups of wheat flour

Heat oven to 170.
Dissolve yeast in warm water and add other ingredients to Bosch mixer or a big bowl. Mix in Bosch or knead on a table while adding flour. Keep adding flour until dough isn't sticky (will end up using about 7 total cups for this many loaves). Grease 4 bread pans. Shape dough into loaves and put in pans. Cover with damp towels and let rise in oven for 1 hour. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and turn onto wire racks.

1 Before you put dough into pans to rise, drop on counter several times or slap it to get the air out. I forgot to do this once, and when we cut into the bread it had holes in it :)

2 When you are finished mixing (or kneading) the dough, grease pans quickly and put them in the oven, or it will start to rise in the bowl.

3 If possible grind your wheat and use it fresh. It tastes better and is way more healthy than store-bought wheat flour.

4 If you are going to knead the dough by hand, take your rings off.

5 Tastes great with butter and honey while still warm :) Yum!