Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday!

A friend loves at all times... Proverbs 17:17

Yesterday was my friend Alyssa's birthday. She was eleven, and I want to write about how special she is to me.
One of the things I admire about Alyssa is how much time she spends with her little sisters. They love her so much, every time they see her they run over to her and want her to hold them. Her family was blessed with twins last year, and Alyssa has done a great job helping her mama.

I have so many memories of us playing that it would be impossible to write about them all. I'll list a few: swimming in the pool, riding bikes, playing Polly Pockets, playing hide and seek and hiding in the huge dumpster, and watching babies in the nursery.I could list many more I have so many. (We've known each other since we were babies.)

Thank you Alyssa for the great example that you are to me!!!!

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