Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Rubber Boots

I have just recently got some *new* rubber boots!! I got a pair of black polka dot rubber boots for Christmas, and after 7 months they have bit the dust. They were too small and the right boot had a big rip in the heel. :) (Having a rip in your boot when you go fishing isn't very pleasant, especially when you get pond water in it and then feel a little critter biting you on the foot.) So, it was time for some new ones. I got some pictures of the old and new, and my friend Allix wrote me a poem to go with them.

These are my old ones, can you tell they've been worn twice every day if not more??

The troublesome hole. :(

Rubber Boots: Old and New

Trudging out to see my goats

In the mud and morning dew

Sporting my good ole’ rubber boots

Just like I always do

I wear the black old things each day

And I hardly noticed at all

My boots with polka dots a plenty

Had gotten rather small

To top it off, in fact, it’s true

Besides their growing lack in size

Great big holes proved to be

My dear old boots demise

Though it was hard to face the truth

We headed to the store

The only thing that could be done

Was for me to find some more

As I was looking there on the shelf

I saw before my eyes

The cutest, shiniest boots of yellow

And guess what; they were my size!

So now as I go plunging through

The grass and mud and grime

No more dotted holey boots

Just nice, new, shiny ones this time!

©By: Allix Brunson 7/20/10

Thanks Allix!!!

The glorious new rubber boots!!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE your new boots! And the poem is great; good job, y'all :D

  2. I know what you mean about holes in the heel. I have a bunch! Very unpleasant when going into a pig barn or water, Eh?