Monday, September 13, 2010

Nana's Surprise Party

Saturday we all went to our Aunt Joanna's house for a surprise party for Nana. Since this was her last birthday with us before her and Pa move to Romania, we all wanted to celebrate ;) We had a really good time with all of our family.

I've got some pictures!

She was opening presents right here.

The party hosts: Uncle Neil and Aunt Joanna.

Nana with Shiloh. We all love you Nana, and we'll miss you when you leave!!

In case you are wondering.... yes this is a spider. The kids that were playing outside found a tarantula, the big fuzzy kind ;) It was about as big as my hand, or bigger. Nobody was brave enough to pick it up because it was pretty aggressive. One of the dads finally let it crawl on a stick and then dropped it over the fence where nobody would step on it.


  1. AHH! I forget that tarantulas are around here every once in a while! :p :P

  2. Yes, ya'll had me fooled into thinking I was just going out to eat with my sisters! It was a great party and so nice to have everyone together! What a special birthday.

    I love you bunches Savannah!


  3. Savannah,
    Did you say TARANTULA!!!!!! Aaaaaa.... I hate spiders. Especially when there the size of hands, there's just something about that that doesn't sit with me.
    It sounds like you had a fun time. Keep on postin'.