Monday, February 22, 2010


Lately me, mama, and Shelbi have each been working on a skirt. Mama started her's first, but she didn't have enough material to finish it so I started mine. I began it Monday and finished it this morning. We had to have our grandma help us with the ruffle, but I think they'll all turn out well.

This one is mine.


  1. Nice job! Did you use a pattern or go it alone?

  2. Hi Mrs. Cassady! Yes I did use a pattern, But I had alot of help from mama. I really enjoyed doing it.

  3. Hey,
    I love the skirt!! Such cute material. I especially love the ruffle, I am horrid at ruffles. I suppose it is cause it takes so long to go around the bottom of the skirt. :D
    What pattern did you use?
    Your seams look very straight.
    You don't want to look too close at some of my sewing projects, you just might see a hole or a rather large pucker!!!
    See ya later,

  4. Very cute skirt! :) Lots of love & hugs!