Saturday, February 13, 2010


A couple of days go we got seven inches of snow! We were really suprised and excited. Daddy said it hasn't snowed like this since he was a little boy, and people are saying that this has been the coldest winter we've had in fifteen years. I love cold weather!

Spurgeon really liked the snow. He ran in circles around the yard all morning 'cause he felt so good.

This is the snowman we made. He only stayed like this for a while, because Spurgeon ate his eyes, took off the scarf and hat, and broke an arm off. It doesn't even look like a snowman any more.

Milo just stayed in the shed the whole time.;) He didn't care for it too much.


  1. Savannah,
    I love your snowman, he looks a jolly sorta chap? What is his name? Did Spurgeon wallow in the snow? Daisy and Moses ( Nanna's dog) literally were smashing their doggy faces all in it. I guess it's a dog thing!!! Love your picture, especially the last one. See ya later.


  2. Hi Maddie! Yes, Spurgeon did wallow the snow. At one point he was laying on his back in it. Loved yall's snowman.