Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update On, Uh, Everything

In case ya'll are wondering if I've died or something... no I have not. I have many reasons for not posting in such a long time.

1) We have moved. We moved to Airport Road, and it takes a long time for a family like us to move all of our stuff (or junk) to a different place.

Here is our new house. We all really like it because it has alot of room. It has a pond, two living areas, and five bedrooms. God has really blessed us with this house!

2)We have been out of town alot. We went to the Semper Reformanda conference in Houston, and then the next weekend we went to San Antonio for the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I really enjoyed both of these events.

3) In between those two things, I turned 14 on October 25th. I got a new camera; I've been saving for one for a long time. It's a Canon Power Shot Sx30IS. It has many gadgets, some or most of which I haven't learned how to use yet.

Here it is!!!

Since my birthday was before the Film Festival, I had the camera when we went, and of course I was taking alot of pictures. Three hundred to be exact. When we got back, I was wanting to blog, and I accidentally formatted all of the pictures :( Now I can't get them back. Boohoo! At least I'll know not to do that again.

I've taken more pictures since we got back though. Here are a few.

I thought these were hilarious. ;)

Our first thumb-sucker! He was trying to suck his thumb and smile at the same time :)

These were taken at our grandparents' house. We went over there last night so that Daddy and Seth could hunt with Papa. They didn't shoot anything..."but they saw some rabbits." ( Not exactly what they were looking for.)

I thought the fall leaves were pretty :)

That's all for right now-- hope ya'll have enjoyed this update on everything!!


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