Saturday, February 26, 2011

More About Welsh Ponies

Hey y'all! We got the horses from our grandparents' house yesterday. So far we are really enjoying them, but I have a story to tell :)

We drove out to grandma and papa's house yesterday afternoon, and walked out to look at the horses. They trotted up to the fence and we went in to pet them. Papa said they were gentle enough for us to ride them, so if it was alright with mama and daddy we could try. The horses hadn't been ridden in a year, but as they had been trained and worked with so much we decided we would. Daddy put a lead rope on the little one, ( the little one is full welsh pony, but the bigger one is only half ) and Seth (10) was soon riding in a circle around him. She seemed to like it, but the bigger one was prancing around snorting, not liking what was going on. I rode the little one next. It was hard to stay on as I was riding bareback, but I grabbed handfuls of mane and hung on for dear life when she started galloping in circles around daddy. Having very little experience with horses, I was quite proud of myself when I slid off :) Next we decided to try the big one. She still wasn't too sure about us. Daddy asked me if I wanted to go first. I wanted to, so he held her head while Shelbi, (15) knelt down so I could stand on her knee to get on. As I swung my leg over, I realized that she was ALOT taller than the little one. She snorted and shifted her weight uneasily. I was uneasy too. As I said before, I, or our whole family for that matter, hasn't had much experience with horses. Shelbi backed away and daddy started walking. What happened next is all a blur. I remember her running towards the fence, and I of course, now thoroughly convinced that she DID NOT want me on her, thought she was going to throw me in the barb wire. Daddy got her turned the other direction, so then she started twisting, and turning sharp circles. I don't think she actually bucked, but she definitely wanted me off. I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember falling off. I fell on my side, and have a knot to prove it. Then a bad pain hit me in my upper leg. I passed out. I woke up to someone asking if I was okay. It was daddy, and I apparently hadn't been out for very long, because he was still trying to calm the horse down. I tried to get up, but my leg hurt so bad I just sat there. I managed to get up after a while, daddy said she had stepped on me. Everybody outside the fence was still asking if I was okay, and I squeaked my yes. I think I scared all of them when I didn't get up right away. I'm fine now-- just sore and a new collection of bruises. I 'm thankful that the Lord protected me-- it could have been alot worse. The story has been retold numerous times by my younger brothers and sisters, they now are scared of the bigger horse. ( As I keep calling them 'The Big One" and "The Little One" , your assumption has been right. We still aren't settled on names :) ) Seth in particular has even acted it out for me and told me it was like watching something from a rodeo.

Here are some pictures of the horses in their new abode. They particularly like rolling around in the pond :)

My bitter enemy-- "The Big One" . I am more determined to ride her now-- but with a saddle :) Look at her face!


  1. Awww, Savannah, I'm SO sorry it stepped on you!! I'm glad you weren't hurt worse! I must say, the ponies are pretty :D

  2. WHOA!
    What a great horse riding experience, eh? :)

    Glad you're okay!