Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me? By myself???

As you all saw from Shelbi's blog, she is taking lessons from a new piano teacher in Commerce. Mama took her there, Daddy was at work, and I stayed at home with everybody else. VERY RARELY do I find myself in such a situation. Me at home with Seth, Sarah Grace, Stephen, and.....SI???? It was fun, but let me tell you about one of the chaotic moments I had. :-)
After cleanig up lunch, we all went outside to play. Seth, Sarah Grace, and Stephen were riding around on their bikes, and Silas was playing with a truck. Everything was going smoothly, when...Silas discovered a gigantic water puddle in the parking lot. He ran over to it, and sloshed right through it, soaking his shoes and jeans. "Silas!no no!" I yelled. He pretended not to hear me, and did it again. After trying several more times to try to get him to stop, I just let it go. It started to rain again, so I called everybody in. Just as I did so, Silas fell down in the water. I picked him up and threw him under my arm to keep from getting wet myself. When we got in the garage, Stephen plopped down right in front of the door, and started trying to kick his boots off. Luther jumped on him and started biting him. "NO WUFER!!!DOP!!!" ( "no Luther stop") He yelled. Seth grabbed Luther and pulled off one of Stephen's boots while I pulled off the other one with my free hand. Stumbling past Stephen, we all made it inside. I changed Silas's clothes and diaper, and while I was doing so Stephen came in and said: "Umnana, do dentist pull thor teepf?" ( "Savannah, do dentists pull your teeth') "Sometimes," I said. I got Silas off the bed, and went into the kitchen. Seth turned on the Nathan Clark George song 'Praise The Lord", and we all danced.

Here we are dancing.


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  2. Wow!!! What a fun baby sitter you are!! I love your site! They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, so you have really packed in a lot of information to give out. Thanks for doing such a GREAT job in showing us how "lil brothers ARE great"!!! You are making fun memories with them. YOU are a kind sis. God is going to bless you greatly! love ya