Sunday, January 17, 2010

Since the title of this blog is ''Little Brothers Are Great,'' I'll show a picture of each of my little brothers =-)

Seth is nine and is very energetic.He loves baseball,and is chosen for the Allstars team every year.He is a great big brother to Sarah Grace, Stephen and Silas,and plays with them alot.He plays the guitar and sings too. He plays outside a whole lot, and sometimes has skinned up legs from ripstik and roller skate catastrophes.

Stephen is three and loves tractors, trucks,and cars. He rides in the gator alot and likes to watch ''Little Bear''. He keeps us all laughing with his baby talk, cause he can't say his t's, r's, y's,or c's!!!!

Silas (or Si-man) is one and a half, and does whatever Stephen does. He is learning how to sit through Bible study,and whenever Daddy sniffs,he does too!He's spoiled to alot of hugs and kisses, and will be the baby of the family until the next one's born!


  1. SAVANNAH!!! I did not know you were making a blog!! This excited me so much. :D And as far as your first post goes...great job. :) Seth plays the guitar and sings great, Stephen is precious with his limited pronunciation ;), and Si-Man is always so sweet. P.S. I love tractors and Little Bear too, Stephen. :D lol


  2. OH! And I love the feature that shows how far along your Mama is!!! That's so cool!! Now we can see how Baby 7 is growing everyday. :)