Monday, January 18, 2010

Sarah Grace

Of course there's Sarah Grace.She's surrounded by boys in our family,and her usual playmates are Stephen and Seth. She plays boys' games alot, but she still finds time to play with baby dolls. Stphen is the daddy in playtime most of the time.

Here Sarah Grace has dressed Stephen up in a ballet costume. Look at his face!!!!!

We were at the Family Camp in New Mexico here.

The dress she has on here has been through Hannah,(our aunt)Shelbi, and me.=-)

I better stop here, but here she is with one of the stray cats that made it's home on our front porch.

Here's some random pictures of Stephen and Silas.
I thought they looked adorable in their matching clothes.=-)


Silas is always doing mischivious things. This is one of his favorites. But lately he has dropped this and has taken to spraying hair spray everywhere and getting into mama's make-up. We often see him coming out of the bathroom with a huge grin on his face and a make-up brush!!

Milo is usually a good-natured cat, but sometimes he gets offended too easily. We think he has post-traumatic stess disorder from when he was a kitten and Sarah Grace "loved" him so much she nearly killed him.


  1. I love the one of Silas hugging Stephen's neck! :D

  2. I love Sarah Grace's inherited black/white dress! hahaha...I never got to see the "evidence" of Silas's hobby of putting shoes in the toilet. That's so funny! Well, not for you I guess. ;D