Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Even More Baby Goats!!!!!!!!

My last pregnant goat had her babies yesterday! Daisy had two little girls. I was more nervous that something would go wrong this time than the other two times, because daddy was at work. He was there the last two times, but this time it was just me. We saw that she was in labor yesterday morning, but she didn't have them until that afternoon. Daddy stayed as long as he could hoping she would have them while he was there, but he had to leave. I kept going out to check on her, and she finally had them. The only problem was that the first one came out with one leg bent back, and I had to help her. (They're supposed to come out with their chins on their hooves.) The next one was born right after the first one, and I forgot all about taking pictures until they were both born. Sorry!!!

I named the one standing up Maggie, and the one laying down Mollie. Maggie was born second.

I hope ya'll can get this to play!

I know this isn't a very good picture, but they wouldn't be still!! There are three boys and two girls. The two in the front are Simeon and Levi, Dixie's kids, the one in my right arm is Reuben, Chloe's kid, and the ones in my left arm and in my lap are Maggie and Mollie, Daisy's kids. Reuben will be two weeks old this Saturday, Simeon and Levi will be a week old this Sunday, and Mollie and Maggie are one day old.


  1. Thanks!! Were ya'll able to get the video to work?

  2. Wow!!! Look at all your babies, Congratulations Savannah!! I didn't know your goats were expecting more than one baby. That's really awesome!

  3. Savannah,

    I love all your pictures! The video of the baby goat is so sweet, it almost made me cry... well, actually it did make me cry! :)

    Ya know, even in animals we can see our amazing God! Love u!