Monday, April 19, 2010

MORE babies!!!

One of my Nubian goats gave birth yesterday. She had three babies, but one was stillborn. She had just had the first one when I went out to feed them yesterday evening. The baby was sill wet and slimy, only a few seconds old. I ran inside for a towel and came back outside to dry him off.

After she had the first one, we could see part of another one coming out ,but nothing was happening. We called our vet, Dr. Anderson, and he said we needed to pull it. Daddy did this part. :) He got the baby out, but it was really tiny, deformed and dead. It was really sad.

Once we got number two out of the way, Dixie had another one. This one was a little smaller than the first one, but he's healthy. I didn't get any of him coming out, but he was still very young in these.

Meanwhile, number one has found something interesting. Dixie is such a good mama!!

Number two is getting up!

They are both so cute. I named these Simeon and Levi, the next two sons of Jacob.

Daisy, Dixie's sister is also due any day. She's the one on the right. After that we'll be done with babies this year. :(

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  1. Savannah,
    Aww, they are so cute! I am sorry about the other baby. I also love the names, so sweet.